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As parents, we are always looking for new ways to teach our son and inspire a thirst for knowledge in him. We want to do what is best for him, to make sure that he always knows we love him, and to empower him to reach his full potential as he continues to grow. Toward that end, we know how important creative strategies are to effective education. We are constantly searching for new tools that we can use. Dad is a teacher by trade, and Mom pours endless energy into this never-ending search. We are a team through and through, and we are deeply passionate about education.

A one of a kind Children's dinosaur book where augmented reality is infused, our book gives a new spin on the dinosaur pop up book genre. Family owned and operated, we are a small business based in Singapore. We value education and fun, which is why we are working to bring a whole lot of both to our products, including Dinosaur Encyclopedia. Any time we can, we will spend entire evenings reading – laughing, learning, and sharing together.